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Asian Buyers Continue to Invest in Australian Real Estate Despite High Prices

Despite its reputation as one of the world’s most unaffordable real estate markets, Australia remains the favored destination for Asian property buyers, according to a new report by IQI, a partner of Juwai. The Quarter 1 Asia-Pacific cross-border residential property buying trends report highlights Australia’s appeal due to its proximity, lifestyle, and educational opportunities. Asian buyers have focused on cities like Brisbane and Perth, though their interests span across various Australian capitals.

Sophie Foster in her article “Australia still top of Asian buyers list despite its ‘unaffordable’ status” discusses how the 2024 Demographia international housing affordability report labeled several Australian cities as “severely unaffordable,” with Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide being notably high-priced. However, this has not deterred Asian investors who spent approximately $5.3 billion on Australian residential property in the first nine months of last year, with over $2.5 billion originating from mainland Chinese buyers alone.

Daniel Ho, co-founder of Juwai IQI, explains the wide-ranging interests of these buyers. “The most attractive markets for Asian buyers are Perth and Brisbane for price growth and proximity to Southeast Asia,” he states. Ho further elaborates on the evolving patterns of these investments, noting that, “Asian buyers are no longer just settling into a few CBD suburbs. Now they are ranging deep across the metro areas of the major capital cities.”

The report also sheds light on the motivations behind these purchases. While investment remains a key factor, many are also buying for personal use. “What’s bringing Chinese to Australia are opportunities to study, work, retire, or vacation,” Ho adds, comparing their motivations to those of Australians traveling abroad.

This continuous influx of Asian capital into the Australian real estate market, even amidst rising costs and regulatory tightening on foreign investments, indicates a robust demand. The large annual intake of overseas students and migrants in Australia helps sustain this demand, although upcoming government policies aimed at reducing net overseas migration could impact future investments.

Australia’s allure as a prime location for Asian property buyers underscores not only the enduring appeal of its lifestyle and educational opportunities but also the global dynamics of real estate investment, where cultural and economic ties redefine market trends.


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