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Melbourne’s Property Market: An Outlier in Australia’s Booming Real Estate Scene

As property prices soar across Australia, Melbourne presents a contrasting narrative, with falling prices amidst nationwide increases. Jason Murphy’s analysis highlights this anomaly, revealing intricate details of the city’s unique market dynamics.

Despite a backdrop of escalating property prices countrywide, with Perth experiencing a 20% surge last year, Melbourne’s real estate has not mirrored this trend. As Murphy points out, “The property market is defying interest rates that have shot upwards at record pace,” yet, Melbourne remains the exception. CoreLogic’s recent data underscores this, indicating a decline in Melbourne’s property values in April, a pattern persisting over the last three months despite robust growth in other capitals.

The burgeoning supply of properties for sale in Melbourne, which has spiked by 35% compared to the previous year, presents a stark contrast to its high and rising rents. Murphy notes, “Rents rose 6.8 percent in Melbourne over the year to the March quarter, far faster than inflation,” suggesting a robust demand for rental accommodations which paradoxically does not extend to property purchases.

Melbourne’s rental market is exceedingly tight, with a vacancy rate of just 0.8%, a figure significantly lower than pre-pandemic levels. However, auction clearance rates in Melbourne are languishing at 59%, indicating a sluggish pace in home sales, well below the threshold that typically propels price increases.

Adding to the complexity, new tax implementations on vacant and land properties in Victoria, aimed at mitigating COVID-induced debts, might be influencing the market. “Anecdotal reports suggest some landlords are selling up rather than absorbing the tax,” Murphy suggests, which could be contributing to the glut of properties on the market and the resultant price suppression.

As the Victorian economy continues to recover from the impacts of COVID and associated lockdowns, the question looms: Is Melbourne’s property market undervalued relative to its counterparts? With median dwelling values in Melbourne now lower than in Brisbane and Canberra, and only marginally higher than Adelaide, potential buyers might find current prices appealing.

The future of Melbourne’s property market remains uncertain, but as Murphy concludes, “the longer-term economic potential of Melbourne is still very strong.” Will Melbourne’s market bounce back? Only time will tell.


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