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The Great Australian Wealth Transfer: A Generation Awaits Inheritance Amid Soaring Property Prices

As housing prices in Australia continue to climb at unprecedented rates, many young Australians find themselves in a precarious position, eyeing inheritances as their primary route to property ownership. A series of recent reports have highlighted this growing reliance on family wealth for achieving what was once considered a standard milestone—homeownership.

Charis Chang’s poignant article, “No one wants their parents to die”: The home buyers waiting on their inheritance,” sheds light on individuals like Ari Sharp and Alan, who candidly share their reliance on future inheritances due to the current unaffordability of homes. Ari enjoys the liberty of exploring less lucrative career paths, knowing she has an inheritance to fall back on, while Alan grapples with mixed emotions about relying on his mother’s eventual passing for financial security.

The situation is further compounded by alarming data from a University of NSW study which shows a staggering triple increase in house prices from 1990 to 2020, significantly outpacing earnings growth. This disparity is echoed in the experiences shared by Sydney resident Alison, who calculated a daunting 27-year savings plan for a median-priced house deposit in Sydney.

Griffith University’s research predicts an imminent wealth transfer estimated at $3.5 trillion over the next two decades, marking the largest in Australian history. Andrew Inwood of CoreData highlights the role of baby boomers, described as “the wealthiest generation that have ever existed,” who are beginning to pass on their accumulated wealth.

This massive transfer, however, brings concerns of exacerbating property price inflation. A Productivity Commission report anticipates inheritances could quadruple in value over 20 years, potentially pushing property prices even higher. Johnathan McMenamin from financial services firm Barrenjoey voices concerns that this influx of inherited wealth could price out those without such financial advantages, further entrenching societal inequalities.

Professor Lucas Walsh from Monash University warns that the anticipation of inheritances is significantly altering the social dynamics and future planning of young Australians, influencing decisions from career choices to family planning. This sentiment is tragically underscored by individuals like Simone, who despite benefiting from living in her mother’s property, struggles with the emotional complexities that accompany financial dependence on family.

These narratives paint a stark picture of a generation caught between dwindling opportunities for traditional wealth accumulation and the ethical complexities of benefiting from familial loss. As the nation stands on the precipice of this substantial wealth transfer, the impact on social equity, property markets, and the fabric of Australian society remains a critical topic for both policymakers and citizens alike.

The question remains: Will this great wealth transfer alleviate or deepen the divides within Australian society? Only time will tell, but for many young Australians, the future seems increasingly dependent on the financial legacies of the past.


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