🔎 Deal review: “Dealing with EOI campaigns” - Property Inc

🔎 Deal review: “Dealing with EOI campaigns”

EOI campaigns can seem tricky to approach. 

In this deal review you’ll learn how to approach this 8 tenant EOI property and what to watch out for.  

(Please note the date for the EOI has been extended)  

Live link: https://www.realcommercial.com.au/for-sale/property-262-272-racecourse-road-flemington-vic-3031-504565276

IM here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GZjy-9yISFJoYxdNBrEWmPAXG5dKPd3e/view?usp=sharing

Some of what I cover: 

  • This mistake with the outgoings can kill your ROI
  • Why this property could be ideal for signage upside 
  • Don’t fall for this when the agent mentions ‘development opportunity’ 
  • Why you should look for diversity with multi tenant properties 
  • 2 things you must double check when it comes to comparable sales 
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