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Australia’s Real Estate Market: A Hotspot for Offshore Buyers

The Australian real estate landscape is witnessing a significant surge in interest from offshore buyers, propelled by a combination of high migration, a lower Australian dollar, and optimistic price forecasts. According to a report by Anne Flaherty, searches from overseas buyers on have reached a five-year peak in 2023, marking a notable uptick in international attention towards Australia’s property market.

With a 17% increase in offshore searches for buying residential real estate compared to the previous year, and an 18% rise in searches for rental properties, the trend indicates a growing fascination with the Australian way of life and investment opportunities. However, the preferences of these international property seekers reveal an intriguing pattern; the regions where they are looking to rent do not always align with where they intend to buy.

Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales emerge as the top contenders attracting foreign investment, though their appeal varies based on whether the interest is in purchasing or renting. While New South Wales dominates the rental search market, it ranks third in purchase searches, trailing behind Victoria and Queensland. This discrepancy hints at the complex dynamics of affordability and investment potential across different Australian states.

“The most searched location by offshore buyers was the Melbourne CBD, followed by the Gold Coast and Greater Brisbane, with the Greater Sydney region and inner Perth also ranking high on the list,” Flaherty reports. This suggests a strong preference for capital cities, though Sydney’s higher median property price puts it out of reach for many overseas investors, highlighting affordability as a critical factor in the buying decision.

Moreover, Victoria’s resurgence as a population and investment magnet post-pandemic, attributed to its livability and diverse economy, underscores the shifting dynamics in Australia’s property market. The state’s population grew by 181,846 people over the 2023 financial year, cementing its status as the fastest-growing state and a prime location for investment.

Despite the allure, offshore buyers face certain hurdles, including restrictions on the types of properties they can purchase and additional costs such as higher stamp duty and land tax rates. The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) has also adjusted its application fees and vacancy fees to encourage investment in new housing and discourage property vacancy.

Nonetheless, Australia’s resilient economy, political stability, and strong population growth remain significant factors drawing offshore investors. As Flaherty concludes, “Australia ranks highly on political stability and transparency in doing business…strong population growth is likely to support the performance of Australian property prices over the coming years, providing a key drawcard to offshore investors.” This resilience in demand underscores the ongoing attractiveness of the Australian real estate market to a global audience, despite the challenges and considerations that offshore buyers must navigate.

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