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Discover Australia’s Most Coveted Suburbs: A Deep Dive into Property Desires

The quest for the perfect home in Australia has led property seekers to favor the picturesque locales of Queensland, especially the Gold Coast, revealing a strong preference for beachside living. According to Lisa Calautti’s recent exploration, six out of the ten most adored suburbs are nestled along the Sunshine State’s coast, with Palm Beach securing the top spot for its popularity on This preference is reflected in the number of saves a listed home receives on the platform, indicating significant interest from potential buyers.

The allure of Queensland’s suburbs is not merely a trend but a sustained movement, underscored by PropTrack senior economist Angus Moore’s observations. “Over the past four years, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, parts of Brisbane, even parts of northern Queensland have been really popular areas,” Moore explains, highlighting the interstate migration’s impact from cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The limited property supply in these areas further intensifies the competition, making these locales even more desirable.

The pandemic has undeniably influenced these preferences, driving the demand for a sea-change lifestyle. Moore notes, “Maybe that’s less true for places like Palm Beach, which are quite expensive, but some of south east Queensland is a bit more affordable than Sydney or Melbourne.” This affordability, coupled with the area’s natural beauty and amenities, continues to attract buyers amidst a backdrop of rising interest rates and declining affordability nationwide.

Andy Hogarth, McGrath Estate Agents Palm Beach sales manager, paints a vivid picture of Palm Beach’s transformation into a sought-after destination. With new cafes and restaurants, excellent schools, and pristine natural surroundings, Palm Beach offers a comprehensive lifestyle appealing to families and individuals alike. “It’s family orientated, which I think is a big thing – there are a lot of families moving into the area,” Hogarth adds, emphasizing the suburb’s evolving identity.

Conversely, the Victorian market dominates the scene for unit searches, with suburbs like Brighton East and Bentleigh East leading in saves on This trend suggests a varied preference among property seekers, with units in Victoria offering an alternative to Queensland’s sprawling beachside homes.

The property market’s dynamics are continuously evolving, with Queensland’s beachside suburbs and Victoria’s unit-centric locales standing out as prime examples of Australia’s diverse living preferences. As buyers navigate through these options, the insights from experts like Angus Moore and industry practitioners such as Andy Hogarth and Dion Zorko offer valuable perspectives on the current state of the Australian real estate market.


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