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Australia’s Property and Rental Markets: Navigating the Ups and Downs

Australia’s property market has seen consistent growth, with values rising for 12 consecutive months across various capital cities. This trend is a signal of a resilient real estate landscape, despite the predictions of a slowdown in certain high-end markets like Sydney. Hanan Dervisevic’s recent analysis highlights the mixed bag of property value changes across the country, with Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane leading the way with increases, while Melbourne, Canberra, and Hobart experienced slight declines.

CoreLogic’s head of residential research, Eliza Owen, suggests that “Nationally, we’re expecting house prices to rise, but probably at a slower rate than what we saw last year”​​. This anticipation of growth, albeit at a tempered pace, suggests a cautiously optimistic outlook for the Australian housing market in 2024. The most significant gains were noted in Perth, where home values rose by more than $11,000 in January alone, underscoring the city’s exceptional performance in a persistently rapid rate of capital gains​​.

On the rental front, the situation is markedly different. Leanne Jopson’s exploration into Australia’s rental landscape paints a picture of a market where opportunities are “as rare as hen’s teeth.” With high demand and limited supply, finding a rental property in sought-after suburbs has become an “increasingly herculean task.” This imbalance has led to rising rental prices, exacerbating the existing rental crisis and leaving many potential renters in a difficult position​​.

However, not all is grim. There are emerging signs of easing conditions, particularly in regional areas and suburbs on the outskirts of capital cities. PropTrack’s senior economist, Eleanor Creagh, notes that while inner city and coastal suburbs remain under tight squeeze, “other areas are offering more breathing space for renters in this challenging market”​​. This divergence in rental market dynamics underscores the complex interplay of factors such as the pandemic’s impact, population growth, and housing construction rates, shaping both opportunities and challenges in the real estate sector.

Looking ahead, both the property and rental markets in Australia are navigating through a period of adjustment. While property values continue to rise, albeit at a slower pace, the rental market shows signs of a gradual rebalancing. These trends reflect the broader economic and demographic shifts occurring across the nation, indicating a market that remains dynamic and ever-evolving.

In conclusion, as Australia moves through 2024, the property market’s sustained growth alongside the rental market’s challenges and emerging opportunities paints a comprehensive picture of the real estate landscape. Stakeholders, from buyers and sellers to renters and investors, will need to navigate these trends with an informed perspective, keeping an eye on the varying dynamics across different cities and regions.


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