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Australian Property Trends: From Swimming Pools to Dual Living and Brisbane’s Attraction for US Migrants

In a recent analysis of property trends across Australia, Melissa Iara and David Bonaddio offer a comprehensive insight into what homebuyers are seeking and the emerging patterns in the real estate market.

According to Melissa Iara’s article, “What buyers want: The most sought after property features,” the classic allure of a swimming pool remains at the top of Australian homebuyers’ wish lists. Iara cites the significant number of Australians who engage in swimming and the growing trend of households owning a pool. However, the article delves deeper into an evolving trend – the rising interest in dual living arrangements. Iara notes, “More than 3.1 million Australians also live in a house with a swimming pool or spa. This is equivalent to one-in-seven Australians (14%) and up slightly from 13% in 2018.”

The push towards dual living spaces, such as ‘granny flats’ and ‘duplexes’, is attributed to the increasing cost of living. PropTrack senior economist Eleanor Creagh observes that these choices reflect the financial pressures on families. Additionally, Metricon Homes reports a significant growth in its dual occupancy business, highlighting a shift in consumer preferences towards more versatile and income-generating property options. Drew Glascott from Metricon notes, “In the last 12 months alone, there has been a substantial increase in inquiries.”

In a related context, David Bonaddio’s article, “Brisbane marks the spot for US migrants,” discusses a different aspect of the Australian property market – the appeal of Brisbane for US migrants. Bonaddio’s piece shares the experience of Pamela Felling, a US migrant who, with her mother, navigated the competitive Brisbane property market to find their dream home. The article emphasizes Brisbane’s desirability, noting its popularity among migrants from the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Felling shares, “There is a mystic realism about Australia; we have this beautiful lifestyle. There is true freedom here in Australia, and you have this opportunity to live well.”

These articles together paint a comprehensive picture of the current Australian real estate landscape, marked by traditional desires for luxury amenities like swimming pools, evolving needs for dual living spaces due to economic pressures, and the international appeal of cities like Brisbane. These trends offer valuable insights for buyers, sellers, and industry professionals navigating the dynamic property market in Australia.


Melissa Iara, “What buyers want: The most sought after property features,” discusses the popularity of swimming pools and the rising trend in dual living arrangements due to cost pressures.

David Bonaddio, “Brisbane marks the spot for US migrants,” highlights Brisbane’s attractiveness for US migrants, emphasizing the city’s lifestyle and property market dynamics.

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