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Perth Emerges as Australia’s Hottest Property Market Amid Affordability Crisis

In a remarkable shift in Australia’s real estate landscape, Perth has emerged as the country’s hottest property market. This trend is underpinned by a combination of higher cost-of-living pressures, rising interest rates, and robust property prices nationwide. Tracey Prisk, in her article “What is the hottest property market in Australia?”, delves into this phenomenon, highlighting Perth’s allure, especially among younger home buyers.

Helen Avis, director of specialist mortgage at SMAT Services, notes the city’s massive property boom, a stark contrast to the late 2000s and early 2010s. She attributes this surge to low interest rates and various homeowner incentives that have drawn first-time buyers. “Low interest rates, First Home Owner Grant, First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, and the WA off-the-plan rebate had attracted first home owners to make the leap into homeownership,” Avis explains.

Julie Kelley from echoes this sentiment, observing a rise in first-time buyers, often accompanied by their parents, at open homes. This hints at the growing role of family support in navigating the property market. However, Kelley also points to the challenges facing these buyers, particularly in Perth. “First home buyers [are] facing more competition for homes priced under $600,000,” she states, adding that they are increasingly pushed to consider properties in the outskirts or smaller apartments.

Interstate Migration and Investor Interest Intensifying Competition

The article by Prisk also sheds light on the influx of east coast investors into Perth’s property market, especially in lower-priced segments and outer suburbs. This trend is accelerating competition, making it tougher for first-time buyers. The PropTrack Housing Affordability Index 2023 report underscores this, showing Perth as the most affordable state, a significant shift from a decade ago.

Peter Gavalas, a buyer’s agent, warns against the potential pitfalls in this booming market. He cautions that the fierce competition might lead buyers to settle for lower-quality properties. “The bottom line is that, right now, the Perth property market doesn’t have enough supply to cater to all the demand,” Gavalas remarks.

Rising Property Prices Boosting National Household Wealth

Complementing Prisk’s insights, a report by AAP Newswire titled “Rising housing prices push household wealth higher” illustrates how the booming property market has elevated Australia’s household wealth. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that the nation’s collective household wealth hit $15.3 trillion in the September quarter, with residential homes and land being significant contributors.

Mish Tan, head of finance statistics at ABS, states, “Household wealth is supported by house prices which have continued to grow despite increases in interest rates.” This growth in wealth, however, is juxtaposed with the challenges of affordability and accessibility for many Australians, especially first-time home buyers.

The Australian property market, particularly in Perth, presents a complex scenario of opportunity and challenge. While it offers a promising investment and homeownership prospects for many, it also poses significant hurdles for first-time buyers and those on the lower end of the economic spectrum. The interplay of rising prices, increased investor interest, and government incentives paints a picture of a dynamic yet challenging real estate environment in Australia.


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