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Australia’s Property Sector in 2024: Balancing Challenges and Opportunities

In a comprehensive analysis of Australia’s property sector, key insights from industry experts reveal a complex landscape marked by both challenges and growth opportunities. Political and business leaders have shared their observations for 2024, presenting a nuanced picture of the real estate market.

Reserve Bank’s Stance on Inflation and Interest Rates

Reserve Bank Governor Michele Bullock emphasized the uncertainty surrounding monetary policy. “Whether further tightening of monetary policy is required to ensure that inflation returns to target in a reasonable time frame will depend upon the data and then evolving assessment of risks,” Bullock stated. The Reserve Bank of Australia added that while households and businesses are generally well-equipped to handle higher interest rates and inflation, disparities exist. “Some households and businesses are already experiencing financial stress, and the squeeze on household budgets is likely to continue to build,” the Reserve Bank noted.

Government’s Perspective on Inflation

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers expressed optimism, saying, “We are making some welcome progress in the fight against inflation and that will determine the future directory trajectory of interest rates.”

Trends in Construction and Real Estate

Australian Property Council Chief Executive Michael Zorbas highlighted a mixed outlook for construction activities. “Construction activity expectations are generally positive across all asset classes, with the exception of the retail and office sectors,” Zorbas said. He also noted high expectations for residential construction and the retirement living sector.

PropTrack economist Paul Ryan discussed the impact on first-time buyers. “With how sharply rent costs are going up, a lot of first-time buyers, I think if they can manage it, they would love to jump into home ownership just to avoid the uncertainty of rent costs over the next year or so,” Ryan observed.

Westpac Bank revised its forecast, predicting a 7% house price inflation for 2023, followed by a 4% rise in 2024, driven by strong population growth.

Western Australian Market Predictions

In Western Australia, the property market is expected to maintain its strength. Wouter Jellema’s article in The Property Tribune provides insights into this market. Experts forecast continued demand and price surges in Perth. Daniel Brennan from DV Buyers Agency is optimistic about 2024, citing persistent price growth in Perth’s suburbs. Perth property prices are forecasted to grow by 8% in 2024.

Regional Markets and Interest Rates

Cath Hart, CEO of REIWA, predicts growth in regional Western Australia, particularly in the North-West, driven by employment needs in the resource sector.

Brett Richardson from Loan Market Ellenbrook anticipates a potential cut in the cash rate by late 2024. “The increase in the cash rate from 3.10% to 4.35% in 2023 posed challenges for homeowners and aspiring first-home buyers,” Richardson said, suggesting that 2024 might bring more stability and opportunities for refinancing.

In summary, the Australian property market in 2024 presents a dynamic and varied landscape, with optimistic growth forecasts tempered by challenges related to inflation, interest rates, and sector-specific trends. The outlook for both national and regional markets indicates a year of significant activity and potential shifts in buyer and investor behavior.


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