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Exploring Australia’s Real Estate Landscape: A Dive into Upcoming Boom Suburbs and Current Market Dynamics

In the ever-evolving world of Australian real estate, two recent articles shed light on both future opportunities and current market trends. The first, titled “Australia’s NEXT ‘Hot Boom Suburbs’: 10+ Expert Predictions for 2024” by Investor Strategy, unveils predictions from Results Mentoring and Property Predictions about suburbs poised for significant price growth. The second, “The day Australian property broke its all-time price record” by Craig Francis, delves into the record-breaking national median dwelling price and examines various market dynamics.

The report from Investor Strategy’s partners, Results Mentoring and Property Predictions, is a beacon for investors, highlighting over 10 suburbs expected to witness a housing price boom soon. This prediction is backed by their remarkable track record; out of 87 suburb forecasts in previous reports, 86 saw median value rises, with one suburb, Millicent in SA, witnessing a staggering 97% growth. “The average growth in the selected suburbs was 35%, with some exceeding 40% growth in less than 12 months,” the report notes, showcasing the potential for savvy investments.

Craig Francis, in his piece, reports a significant milestone in Australian real estate: the surpassing of the national median dwelling price record, reaching $768,777. This new benchmark indicates a resilient market, having overcome a trough earlier in the year. Tim Lawless, Executive Research Director at CoreLogic, attributes this to an imbalance between supply and demand, stating, “advertised stock levels have held remarkably low through 2023.” He also warns of increasing affordability pressures amid rising values and high interest rates.

Interestingly, the trends differ across regions. While Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane are enjoying record highs, cities like Sydney and Melbourne are experiencing more modest growth. CoreLogic Economist Kaytlin Ezzy highlights this variation, noting, “12 [Significant Urban Areas] recorded new peaks in October, with an additional four sitting within 1 per cent of their previous record highs.”

Gary Dunne, CEO of RPM, points out the challenges in Victoria, particularly due to government policies and cost of living pressures. He remarks on the delicate balance needed in the property market, emphasizing the need for quick decision-making and land release to meet growing demand.

These articles together paint a comprehensive picture of the Australian property market, offering insights for both current and prospective investors. While certain suburbs are earmarked for significant growth, broader market trends suggest a cautious approach, especially in more established urban areas, where growth may be slower and more complex due to various economic factors.




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