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Australia’s Property Market: Unprecedented Growth and Investment Opportunities

In recent years, Australia’s property market has exhibited remarkable growth, drawing the attention of domestic and international investors alike. Two recent articles—Henderson Advocacy’s report on premium property growth and Sarah Brookes’ analysis of Perth as a burgeoning investment hub—provide a comprehensive overview of this dynamic sector.

In a striking testament to Australia’s real estate allure, Jack Henderson of Henderson Advocacy highlights the unprecedented growth in the premium property market. “Manly and Mosman… have seen median sale prices surge by over $1 million since 2010,” he reveals. This surge, as Henderson explains, isn’t just a trend but a reflection of Australia’s status as a top-tier destination for luxury living and investment. The report emphasizes regions like the Eastern Suburbs and Chatswood – Lane Cove, where the combination of luxury and lifestyle continues to attract affluent buyers. “Australia stands as a beacon of luxury living and investment security,” Henderson notes, underscoring the nation’s appeal to high net worth individuals.

Concurrently, Sarah Brookes explores Perth’s emergence as a prime location for property investment. Mike Mortlock, managing director of MCG Quantity Surveyors, points out the significant increase in the distance investors are willing to cover to secure properties in Perth—up to 1502 kilometers in 2023, compared to 294 kilometers in pre-pandemic times. This shift, according to Mortlock, is driven by the pursuit of higher returns and favorable investment conditions in Western Australia. “The outcome of [anti-investment legislation in eastern states] would severely impact property investment there and would be devastating for tenants in that rental market,” he warns. Trent Fleskens of Strategic Property Group also emphasizes Perth’s attractiveness, noting that “the whole country is looking at WA as a hunting ground.”

Both articles converge on a critical point: Australia’s property market is diversifying and expanding, offering new opportunities for investors. From the luxury homes in Sydney to the promising prospects in Perth, the landscape is evolving, making Australia a compelling destination for real estate investment.


“Unprecedented Decade Growth in Australia’s Premium Property Market,” by Jack Henderson, Henderson Advocacy. 

“Perth a ‘hunting ground’ for property investors going for profit over proximity,” by Sarah Brookes. 

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